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9745 W. Peoria Ave ~ Peoria, Arizona 85345

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The West Valley Center for Spiritual Living is a non-profit religious organization in the State of Arizona. The ministry of this spiritual community is sustained primarily by the contributions of members and friends. If you would like to contribute to WVCSL, you may do so in a number of ways.

A Cash Gift

  • Using our online giving portal at EasyTithe. This service allows you to make a one-time tax-deductible gift in any amount or set up a recurring gift according to your preferred schedule.
  • Call our office at 623-972-3205
  • Mail to:

West Valley Center for Spiritual Living
9475 W. Peoria Avenue
Peoria, AZ 85345

In-Kind Donations

While we appreciate your generosity, due to limited storage space, WVCSL can only accept certain donations of goods and/or services (in-kind donations). If you would like to support us in this way, please check our Wish List for items that are frequently needed or in our plans, or contact the office at 623-972-3205.

Click to view our Wish List - and thank you!

Legacy Gifts

A number of years ago a group of dedicated members came together to purchase the building in which WVCSL is located. The vision they shared provided a solid foundation for our future and has given us the opportunity to build a community dedicated to the Science of Mind philosophy in the West Valley. By investing in the long-term future of our Center, you can also ensure there will always be a light for anyone seeking a spiritual home or a deeper spiritual connection.

We encourage you to speak to a qualified financial advisor or attorney about the option best for you. Here are sample bequest descriptions and language for the two most common types of bequests:

Specific Bequests
These bequests are stated as a specific dollar amount, a specific percentage or a specific asset. You may want to consider a specific percentage bequest so that, should your assets grow over time, your future gift will always be as meaningful as you originally intended.

Residuary or Remainder Bequest
This bequest is distributed to the Center after all of your estate’s expenses and specific bequests are honored. A residuary bequest, often expressed as a percentage, also allows your gift to reflect changes in the value of your assets.

Use language similar to the following:
"I give devise and bequeath to West Valley Center for Spiritual Living (tax I.D. 86-0429157), located in Peoria, Arizona, the sum of _____________________________ dollars ($ _______________) OR ___________________ percent (__________ %) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate OR the following described property: ____________.
Bequests are simple to put in your will or living trust. There are two other ways you can provide a legacy gift. (1) You can name the Center as a beneficiary of your life insurance. Just get a beneficiary form from your insurance company. (2) You can name the Center as a beneficiary of your IRA. Get a beneficiary designation form from your IRA manager. IRA gifts to the Center are tax-wise. Individuals must pay any tax due on an IRA, but the Center can accept IRAs without paying tax".

Other ways to support our community include:

Thank you for demonstrating your commitment and support of the work we do. We appreciate your generosity and your consciousness of giving.

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